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At Guardian Markhamack Pharmacy in Markham, we care about the health of you and your family. We value our local community and want to serve your needs. We have extensive knowledge and experience when dealing with patient information and counselling. Here is some information about the products and services we offer. We are always happy to help you with any of your healthcare needs. Call us or stop by today.

Brands and Products

◊   Atoma

◊   Diem

◊   Drive Medical

◊   AMG Medical

◊   ObusForme

◊   Dr-Ho

◊   Diabetic Socks

◊   Compression Stockings

Disease Information

◊   Merck Manual

◊   Medicine Net

◊   Family Doctor

Drug Information

◊   Medline Plus

◊   Healthy Ontario

Healthy Ontario

◊   Rx List

Natural Health Products

◊   Licensed Natural Health Product Database

◊   Webber Naturals

◊   Swiss Natural

Public Health

◊   Health Canada



Skin Care

◊   Canadian Dermatology Association

◊   DermIS

◊   Eczema Canada

◊   Sweat Management

◊   Herpes Health

◊   Lice

◊   Lupus

Smoking Cessation

◊   Pharmacists Against Tobacco

◊   Go Smoke Free

Travel Medicine

◊   CDC Travel Information

Women's Health

◊   Breast Cancer Support

Weight Management

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