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Our Consulting Pharmacists provide personal service and the best possible care to our patients. In some cases, we may provide you with additional information or a more in-depth consultation about your prescription. As a full service pharmacy, we are here to meet all of your healthcare concerns. We are dedicated to providing you with the best care possible. Your information and health history is kept confidential. At Guardian Markhamack Pharmacy, we accept all prescription drug plans. Our pharmacists do more than fill your prescriptions – they take an active role in your care. Working with your physician to ensure the best care possible, our licensed pharmacists offer detailed instructions and consultations on each prescription. Our convenient location makes it easy to pick up your prescriptions after leaving the doctor's office. Or, better yet, we can deliver your prescription straight to your home or office.


Free MedsCheck Consultation– If you are taking 3 or more medications, our pharmacist can discuss medication therapy management as part of our MedsCheck program. In the past, this program has helped many patients to identify any drug-related issues such as drug interactions, precautions, duplication of therapy or inappropriate therapy. This program allows you to schedule a private, annual consultation with one of our pharmacists.


Smoking Cessation Program– We have a Pharmacist who is available to help you with our free smoking cessation program.


Vitamins, Herbal Preparations– We stock a full line of products to enhance your health, including cost savings on other over-the-counter products.


Weekly Compliance Packaging Service– Need help coordinating your medications? Keep forgetting to take them? We can blister-pack medications for customers who need help organizing their medications into dosage times. Available in weekly compliance packs. Prescriptions must be filled by our pharmacy.


Monthly Reminder Service for Medication Refills– If you receive regular prescriptions, we can set up a refill reminder that notifies you when your prescription is ready to be filled.


In addition to our pharmacy services, we also carry over-the-counter products including:


◊   Cold & cough

◊   Pain relievers

◊   Allergy remedies

◊   Vitamins & minerals – we carry vegetarian vitamins

◊   Eye care

◊   Ear care

◊   Skin care


We carry brand names such as Atoma, Diem and generic products, too. Questions about medications or items we carry in our store? Contact us today.

Pharmacy Hours

Monday - Friday:   10:00 AM - 8:00 PM

Saturday:               10:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Sunday:                  Closed

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